Peter French, Hypnotherapist

I'm Peter
Nice to meet you

I'm intrigued by the human mind.

I'm a qualified hypnotherapist and in my work I have learnt and worked out quite a few ways to help people move past issues of the mind and get on with their lives. In this site I aim to open up information to a wider audience.

It may help you change your life and your world.
We'll have to wait and see.

This site can be of help to you if:

  • you're interested in research and experience backed information
  • you live a normal(ish) life, but the life you want is not the life you appear to have, something doesn't quite fit right.
  • you are prepared to make some effort to do something about it.

If that's you then welcome to my world a warm welcome to my world

Studies involving multiple people observing or experiencing the same event or circumstances have shown differences in the reported observations of the events. Everyone sees, hears and generally experiences situations in different ways.

We all perceive the world through the lens of our experience,
it's a viewpoint that's unique to each of us.

So it follows that if we change our perceptions, we change our experience of the world.

When you become aware of that, you might start to perceive that the world is an illusion that we each create for ourselves, and it's driven by our thoughts and our reactions to those thoughts.

Welcome to

Think Life Better

If you don't like missing out then let me keep you informed about updates to the site...

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