Where Do I Start?

“Where do I start?”, that’s the question that I ask myself so often.

Should I go out on the web and get some ideas?

Well maybe that’s not such a good idea, I’ve done it a lot and it’s put me off and I go and do something else. It’s easy to be put off by so many brilliant people creating information out there, and I find that it’s easy to find myself feeling inadequate.

It’s something that takes me back to when my daughter was born. One day my wife attended a mother and toddler group and when she came back she was a bit upset. When I asked why she told me that this baby and that baby and the other baby appeared to be so much more developed than our daughter. She was comparing our little girl to the sum total of all the other children in the room. Clearly that’s a recipe for disaster.

So if you get that feeling at any time then take some advice from this short youtube video with Dr Rangan Chatterjee and Marie Forleo:

Now you can see that we’re not alone in feeling outclassed, it’s time to change our collective minds and let the world see our stuff.


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